Where I Began by Joe Bubenik on December 01, 2013

In late 2006, I was living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My fiancé was going to school there and I had moved there that summer to try and find a job so she could finish out her degree at her preferred college. Most of the people I knew in Fort Wayne were college students and I had no luck finding a job. This meant I ended up having a lot of free time while my fiancé, Ali, and friends were in class.

I had always been a big fan of Christmas and everything that went along with it. Finding myself with nothing to do, I decided to write a Christmas story. I began writing a story about a little boy named Francis who went to the SOUTH Pole. I enjoyed writing it.

At the end of that year, Ali and I ended up moving back to Saint Louis, Missouri so that I could begin working for my father. My desire to write my Christmas story waned as winter rolled into spring. Then we got married a few months after that. When the holiday season returned, I decided to pick up the story again. However, I had misplaced the file! Discouraged, I gave up on the story.

A couple years later, I found the file. Unfortunately, I had thought so much about the story and what I wanted it to be that when I reread what I had written before, I found it totally unlike what I now envisioned. Discouraged again, I have up for that year.

The next year I outlined what I wanted my new story to be, then promptly deleted it by accident. There was also a couple kids in our lives now.

Finally, in November 2012, I rewrote the outline and began writing the story. I finished the 24th chapter two days before Christmas and began pestering my friend Jeremy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/PlemonStudios?ref=ss_profile) to illustrate it.

Throughout this year, 2013, I had several people read it and give me feedback, including a high school teacher of mine, LB Graham (lbgraham.com). Jeremy finished illustrating in September, shortly after I finished editing the book. After that, my brother Bill (williambubenik.info) and his wife Maggie began working on the design layout of the book.

In early November we turned it in to the publisher and here we are now: a new website, a book available in print and soon to be in the Kindle store.

I've been wanting to be an author for a while now. I still have a ways to go before I can do that full-time, but at least I've taken a giant step towards that goal. I hope you enjoy the book. I hope you're interested in seeing where the story goes after book 1. I hope your Christmas season is brightened by a little boy named Francis.